Operations director
1, in charge of the company's production and management, including planning, proposal, veto, scheduling
2, the completion of the task of the functional departments have the right to assess the situation
3, subordinate to the functional departments of the work of the managers have the right to guide and assessment
4, the position should be fully responsible for the company's market operations and production management, participate in the company's overall

    planning, improve the company's operations management. To promote the company's sales business, promote the company's products, the

    organization to complete the company's overall business plan. Establish internal information system and coordinate with all departments to

    establish effective team cooperation mechanism. Maintain and open up external relations in all areas. Manage and motivate the work performance

    of the Department.
5, responsible for the overall management of the company's daily business activities, to ensure good business development and operation of the

    internal environment.
6, planning, guidance, coordination, control and encourage the functions of the departments of business development, supervision and inspection of

    the departments responsible person effectively perform their duties, and evaluation and assessment management, improve work efficiency.
7, responsible for the company's project service quality monitoring, customer satisfaction survey and management objectives, indicators

    measurement, emergency preparedness management, control work.
8 full control of each department and project operation and service conditions, a reasonable allocation of human, material and financial resources,

   fully complete the task objectives and work plan, and constantly improve the management level, service management level and economic benefits.
9, to strengthen the construction of the staff, concerned about the staff's ideas, work, life, to help employees solve practical difficulties, improve the

   appeal and cohesion of the staff team.
10, the company's major business decisions and results in charge.
11, the exercise of other powers granted by the general manager of the company.

Technical Manager
1, reasonable allocation and coordination of technical department work, to take charge as chief of technical field company
2, proficient in the entire manufacturing process, can give the enterprise the machining process optimization, familiar with the grinding principle
3, the grinding wheel has a certain degree of research, understanding of the grinding wheel grain size, hardness and so on the impact of the cutting

4, the tool after machining hardened steel with heat treatment) of manufacturing, certain attainments, in the same knife grinder, bar, coating, pointed

    out the difference between their domestic tool and foreign tool;
5, of all kinds of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy structural steel, hardened steel, non-ferrous metal, plastic, acrylic and high-temperature alloy

    materials have certain understanding; according to the different materials with different design tool and provides details of manufacture to ensure

    excellent tool than competitors;
6, can be for different materials for the drill bit set accurate passivation value;
7, the milling cutter manufacturing process of each process can be specified strict requirements, such as machining allowance, grinding wheel grain,

    cutting edge quality, groove finish, etc.;
8, when a customer feedback tool use problems, from machine tool structure (such as vertical and horizontal, plus), clip to (such as JT, BT, cat,

    7388, HSK, er, strong hydraulic card spring, heat shrinkable etc.), processing parameters (such as the feed F, speed s, cut wide AE, cutting depth

    AP etc.), fixtures use patterns, cooling processing (such as dry cut, cold oil, water-cooled, cold fog, gas cooling, etc.) to analyze the reasons; and

    tool geometry, material, coating, grinding process, after processing factors analysis; final comprehensive problem solving tool.
9, on the market a number of tungsten steel supplier is very familiar with, know the pros and cons of which supplier lies; and the coating supplier is

    very familiar with, know what kind of coating processing what material selection;
10, according to the customer's product drawings and reasonable distribution of the number of tools to complete the client program.


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