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        OSK Cutting Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, specialization the tungsten carbide drill, reamer, milling cutter, cutting tool production and sales. Products are mainly used in aerospace, automotive, machinery, information technology industry, mold and other fields, especially for high speed and high hardness and difficult cutting materials processing more advantages.

         Now, the company has Switzerland ROLLOMATIC, Germany Walter and Australia ANCA multi CNC tool grinding machine, as well as Germany Walter, Zoller and Japan Mitutoyo testing equipment, to provide a guarantee for the stability of the product. Many models, especially flexible, molding machining tool products more convenient.

         Now, the company introduced DMG machining center, tool measuring and cutting technology application center was established, continuously the tool for the production of the company is cutting test and modified to enhance, and provide accurate data and the best effect of cutting for customers.

         The future, the company will re product development and research, and constantly introduce high precision equipment, to attract senior technical personnel, and gradually improve the independent R & D center, to strengthen technical cooperation with the world's first class brand. Enhance the quality, the "OSK" into a world-class tool manufacturers and brand suppliers. In order to speed up the process of high-speed metal processing industry and make outstanding contributions to the localization process.


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